At Home

  1. Start a shelf of Guys Read books at home.
  2. Download the Guys Read stickers to identify books.
  3. Make a time and place for purely recreational reading.
  4. Vote on Guys Read website for your favorites.  Recommend more.
  5. Get two copies of the same book to read with your guy.  Compare thoughts.
  6. Read aloud with your guy.
  7. Talk about the worst book you ever read.
  8. Make reading fun, not an assignment.

In the Classroom

  1. Download stickers and make a Guys Read classroom library.
  2. Have a classroom discussion about boys and girls and reading.
  3. Expand your definition of reading to include humor, non-fiction, graphic novels . . .
  4. Organize a faculty meeting about Boys and Reading.
  5. Make a time and place for 30 minutes of Independent Reading.
  6. Re-examine your Required Reading lists.  Make sure to include guy-friendly books.
  7. Invite dads and uncles and working guys into the classroom to read as male role models.
  8. Allow non-fiction, humor, and graphic novels as reading.
  9. Consider boys learning styles and preferences in reading assigments.
  10. Offer choice in required readings.

At the Library

  1. Start a GUYS READ book club, led by guys (like Hennepin County Library)
  2. Solicit local businesses to fund your GUYS READ program specifically.
  3. Supply the alternative reading that boys don’t often get in school—magazines, websites, non-fiction, humor, horror, war, how-to . . .
  4. Be the spot where boys can explore all kinds of reading.
  5. Appoint boys as helpers.  Give them books to review.  Ask what they like.
  6. Make a GUYS READ section of books.
  7. Review your Recommended Reading Lists to include guy-friendly titles.

At a Bookstore

  1. Make a GUYS READ window display of guy-friendly books.
  2. Start a GUYS READ club.
  3. Have boys and men make recommendations, write some of your reviews.
  4. Include boy-friendly books in your lists.
  5. Hand out free GUYS READ bookmarks, posters, stickers.
  6. Dedicate a table or shelf to GUYS READ titles.
  7. Offer 2 for 1 promotions: 2 copies of the same book that a boy and dad can read together.

Who are you? Where are you located? What you are doing? Email us with news of your Field Office.

And check out the other Guys Read field office on the Global Map.


Some great Guys Read programs around the country:

Hennepin County Library, MN

Literacy Council of Alaska

Loudon County Library, VA